Using Intuition as a Business Tool?

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We tend to think that we are in control of our world and that we can manage our business and life. But you might already know that is rather an illusion. Because life keeps on happening.

What if you could give up for a moment being in charge and open up to the possibilities that you are not the operator of a machine called business, but much more a driver that can be guided with intuitive insights, synchronicities and by stepping into body awareness, retrieve information that will help you to reach your goals?

Our rational mind has sometimes difficulty deciding when a situation is complex and there are many factors and emotions involved. We often overthink problems, rather than clearing our mind to see what solution comes to us.

What if you already have everything you need to know in you and just need space to receive it?

We haven’t been taught in school on how to make decisions using our intuition and many confuse it with a gut feeling.

As part of becoming a Family and Business Constellation facilitator I had to learn to let go of my logic mind driven by ego and activate, trust, and amplify my intuition.

Using your body awareness and feeling your way to the answers was certainly not on the curriculum of business or marketing strategies. And yet some of the most life changing, and impactful product innovations have been driven by pure intuition and inner vision. Think of Tesla, Jobs or Musk.

This makes me wonder if they would have asked themself this question: What does the world of tomorrow need as to innovate today? Β 

A systemic question I unpack further with my clients and coachees, while learning more about how to apply systemic perspective to your business and use body awareness and intuition as a business decision tool.

Are you ready for a paradigm shift and learn more about how to apply new decision-making tools to your business?

Do you have any questions or a business case you would like to get a constellation done on?

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