Negotiate With Confidence

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Do you shy away of negotiations or struggle to get your desired result?

Negotiation doesn’t have to be the contentious experience many people think it is. By following certain negotiation strategies, you can achieve fair outcomes and still maintain a respectful attitude. With proper negotiation training, you can learn how to assert your wants without sacrificing politeness or good relationships. Discover the secret to successful “nice” negotiating and be better equipped to get what you need without compromising civility.

Here are some simple tips toward improving your negotiation skills.

Making small talk before negotiations begin can help build a rapport and provide you with useful information about the other party.

  • By having a deep understanding of the subject matter, you will be able to show the other person that you know what you’re talking about and back up your arguments with evidence.
  •  Be confident in your negotiation skills by demonstrating knowledge and enthusiasm.
  • A firm handshake can make a good impression and establish respect
  • Be aware of the tone and style of your communication, speaking in an authoritative yet helpful manner
  • Demonstrate an expertise without coming across as arrogant by showing that you have done your research and are knowledgeable on the subject

Understand how emotions can be used to influence decisions and use this self-awareness to your advantage when negotiating to show that you are human.

  • Be aware of the other person’s tactics and recognize their hardball approaches.
  • Know when to open up, hold back and when to let go.
  • Express your opinion on a subject, but be aware of how strongly you feel as it can be used against you.
  • Show understanding and patience without being too lenient or susceptible when negotiating.
  • Exercise caution and beware of any one-sided deals by doing research and being prepared.
  • Avoid becoming too attached to something when attempting to reach an agreement.

Negotiation is a skill that, when deployed effectively, can result in mutually beneficial outcomes. While assertiveness and confidence are key parts of successful negotiations, it’s important to remember that sometimes utilizing a more cooperative, considerate approach can be equally effective. With the right training and preparation, you can become an even better negotiator, helping both you and your counterpart to come away from the table with positive results.


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