Are your old stories holding you back from stepping into your fullest potential?

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We often look to our past experiences to provide us with a sense of comfort and security, but oftentimes our stories can be filled with narrative distortions. Though we may believe the “facts” that compose our personal history are set in stone, the truth is more complex. Our identity is continually evolving, changing as we come into contact with new ideas, people, and perspectives. It’s important to recognize that the stories we tell ourselves about our lives may not accurately reflect reality. In times of transformation, we should strive to embrace the uncertainty of what lies ahead—not cling to outmoded notions of whom we were supposed to be or what life was supposed to look like. Let us replace these limiting stories with ones that embrace possibility and open-mindedness for whatever growth and development come along.

So when you go about your business you need to be open to accept what isn’t working and let go of the emotional attachment to it. There is no one right way, in fact, it is quite the opposite a constant pivoting and innovating progress.

A little bit more about how our stories shape our identity.

See it is all a story, in our minds every day we listen to our own stories and those are the ones that shape our identity and therefore behaviours and actions.

For example, you may have been told in your childhood that you are not good at something and so you internalised that for the rest of your life, or you may have had a couple of negative experiences with relationships, and so you invent the story of that you are not made for relationships. It is the same reason why many people who win the lottery, lose the money as quickly as they won it and find themselves in the same situation because, on an identity level, they don’t feel wealthy.

It is easy to become attached to the stories that we tell ourselves, whether they are formed from internal beliefs or experiences. However, this attachment can limit our growth and potential by keeping us fixed in the same roles, habits, patterns, and thought processes. Instead of becoming entrenched in these stories, it is important to remember that they are simply narratives we adopt over time and are not necessarily reflective of who we truly are. We all have the capacity for dynamic change, which enables us to break through old beliefs and forge new paths. With a little effort and courage, we can free ourselves from the grasp of old stories, unleashing our untapped potential and opening ourselves up to a brighter future.

That’s why in transformational coaching we always start at where everything begins, at your identity level.

So bring into awareness, what stories are you telling yourself about success, money and business growth?

What self-made rules do you abide by and how do they trigger your business decision-making?

These old stories give us a sense of certainty and comfort, they are often used as excuses and help us avoid accepting what is.

Let’s turn this around for a moment. How can you take control of your life or business story?

Answer these 3 questions for yourself.  

1.   What does success mean to me, how does it look and feel, when do I know I have it and why is it important to me?

2.  Thinking about your goals, how are you trying to control every step of how you will achieve your goals? Learn to trust the process of just taking the next step by focusing on the intention.

3.  What presumptions do you have about how money, wealth and prosperity shall come about?

From the everlasting battle between our self-imposed limitations and unwavering aspirations, one thing is certain: we are responsible for understanding ourselves and unlocking our full potential within. Taking a step forward on this journey of self-discovery begins with being mindful of our values and motivations, embracing honesty, and staying true to who we are. With intention, discipline, and uncompromising resolve, success awaits us all. The time to start that journey is now.

Want to learn more about how to step into a successful identity? I will gift you 30 minutes of my time to run you through the process of how to define your success identity.

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