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Do you know where your Mindset is at?

People with a Growth Mindset are more resilient, and more likely to challenge themselves and expand in various areas of life.

What keeps most people preventing from moving forward and growing, is that they don’t realise they have to shift their mindset and belief system first, before taking action.

Change starts with change, change the way you see and think and you will change your results and outcomes.

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At FEMME FOUNDER ACADEMY we provide comprehensive coaching programs to empower female business leaders to overcome impostor syndrome and take their rightful place as confident, authentic leaders in the business environment.

Through proven practices, intuitive techniques, and expert mentorship, we help women claim their power and self-confidence, develop robust communication skills, and become the impactful leaders they were born to be.

Choose between 1-on-1 coaching or online courses.

For ambitious and purpose driven women, seeking to lead themselves to their own business & career success.


It just works.

 “The One-On-One coaching sessions are so valuable and oh really eye-opening, when you start looking at your life from a different lens. I was so grateful to have a coach to help me through a challenging time in my life. And I am glad I learned to find the answers within myself to take the next big step on my life path.”



I loved it.

“One of the points that inspired me to take action and make a lasting change, was to keep practicing visualising my ideal future self and the kinds of thoughts and behaviours that she would have. 

The course content is so relevant to my everyday life in respect to being more mindful about my thoughts and potentially limiting stories that I am telling myself throughout my day-to-day. 

One of the most valuable learned tools for me was to think about reframing any thoughts that potentially hold me back from becoming the person I want to be.” Shaleen

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Thank you.

” The discovery journey program was exactly what I needed at this time in point. To stop and reflect on where I am in life, and where I want to go and more importantly who I really am. Martina has a real intuitive and uplifting coaching approach but more importantly her inner strength and perspective really left me feel empowered and see possibilities I was previously blind too.”




A game changer.

“The part that most resonates with me is when you discuss the fear that holds us back and providing the tools to enable us to reframe our mind into positive thinking. I love how real you are on this topic, noting that so often we give up before we give it a chance because we just expect everything to work straight away.

In so many circumstances fear has held me back. I want to strive for more and follow through with my career goals, that is why overcoming that fear is so important to me and resonates with me.

Your view on becoming limitless was empowering and the analogies you used were simple and down to earth that I was able to find them relatable.”  Tenea


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